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Institutional Investors Summary by Investor

Returns data from the [holdings_investor] table.


This table provides more than 12 years of insider holdings & transactions history for more than 15,000 issuers and 200,000 insiders summarized by investor.

Covers all securities, including common shares, funds, calls, puts, warrants, preferred stock and debt.

Data is sourced from SEC form 13F filings, which requires that medium to large institutional investment managers report details of certain US security holdings. More information on SEC form 13F reporting can be found here.

For more information on the dataset and the available indicators, please review the holdings_investor table on the Data Explorer page.

The table is queried via the following endpoint


The queries are authenticated and filtered using query parameters. A query parameter specifies a particular option or filter for the data to be returned. Examples of query parameter include the data format to be returned (format), the table columns to return (fields) or a filter to be applied (tablename). These are appended to the endpoint above, following a ?. The most important of these is your API key (apiKey) which is used to authenticate you. Without a valid API key, results will not be returned.

The holdings_investor table supports the following query parameters.

formatThe format of the results to be returned.csvformat=json
fromSpecifies the filing date from which to return data.30 days agofrom=2023-08-01
toSpecifies the filing date to return data until.prior dayto=2023-08-31
fieldsThe fields (table columns) to return.allfields=date,investorname,value,percentoftotal
investornameReturns results for the specified institutional investor.investorname=BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC
limitThe number of records to return.10000limit=100000
skipThe number of results to skip before returning data.0skip=10000
sortThe field used to sort the data and the sort method (asc/desc).date.descsort=totalvalue.asc

Return institutional holdings summary data for a specified insitution

https://api.findl.com/v1.0/data/holdings_investor?apiKey=test-api-key&format=csv&investorname=BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC

Return institutional holdings summary data for a specified date range


Return specific columns from institutional holdings data for a specified institution and date range

https://api.findl.com/v1.0/data/holdings_investor?apiKey=test-api-key&format=csv&fields=date,shrholdings,shrunits,shrvalue&investorname=BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC&from=2018-08-01&to=2023-07-31

Set the table to return data from. [Required]

Limits the fields returned. Multiple fields should be separated with a comma (,). Leave blank to return all fields. [Optional]

Sort results by a specified field. Multiple fields should be separated with a comma (,). Indicate direction using [field].desc or [field].asc (e.g. date.desc, ticker.asc). [Optional]

Limit the number of items returned. Defaults to 10,000. Maximum data that can be returned in a single query is 100,000 items. [Optional]

Skip the first x number of results. Defaults to 0. [Optional]

Set the format of the returned data. Options include json and csv. [Default: csv].


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