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Radically accessible financial data.

Looking for comprehensive financial data for public US companies and funds? You've come to the right place.

Whether you're looking to inform an investment strategy, build a new financial model or develop the next great fintech app? Data is the cornerstone on which you'll build. findl takes the hassle out of financial data.

Our entry level dataset is completely FREE and includes company fundamentals and market data for current S&P500 companies.

No credit card required.

Investors & Analysts

Getting started with our data is easy. Copy the Google sheets below to get started with 5 years of history for AAPL (no sign-up required).

Stock Fundamentals Analysis (AAPL)

Stock Fundamentals Sheet (AAPL)

Stock Prices Analysis (AAPL)

findl tables

Dive right in and start exploring the data.


findl data bundles

Reference grade financial data.


Our FREE entry level dataset comprising 5 years of fundamentals and prices data for active S&P500 companies.

Flagship Dataset


Our flagship dataset comprising 25+ years financial statements and calculated financial ratios for 15,000+ active and delisted public US companies.


Historical end of day stock price and dividend data for 20,000+ public US companies and funds.


Market participant data covering insiders and institutional investors across 20,000+ issuers, 7,000 institutional investors and 200,000+ insiders.

Excel Template

Google Sheets Template

Rapid Onboarding

Kickstart your project with our ready-made data templates or build custom queries using our online query builder to download data directly from the website.

Seamless Data Access

Our API has been built to support the broadest range of use cases and it's intuitive structure means that you don't need to be a developer to start using it. Supporting multiple scenarios and formats, our API puts the power in your hands.


Example API call

Sample Output


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