The Findl API uses API Key authentication in the form of a pre-generated token in the X-API-Key header.

You can find your key on your profile page.

To use Token Authentication, each post to the Findl API should have the X-API-Key header set with your provided key as value.

!! Token security

It is your responsibility to keep all API keys safe and ensure that these keys are never shared. If you suspects that a token has been compromised, notify Findl support immediately.

Rate limiting and Throttling

The API has a sane default set for integration per environment. Rate limiting and throttling enhances security, mitigates DDoS attacks and ensures a high level of API availability. In a case where the rate-limiting algorithm is triggered, the API would return a 429 Too Many Requests error.


Request and response bodies use the application/json content type and should be encoded in UTF-8. This format supports special characters e.g. &, @ and more.

Status and Error Codes

All API call status and error codes are aligned with the HTTP protocol (RFC 2616 specification) status codes.

Query data

Request data from the Findl server.


Path parameters

string optional

Set the table to return data from. Options include fundamentals. Defaults to fundamentals.
integer optional

Limit the number of items returned.
integer optional

Skip the first x number of results
string optional

Limit the fields returned. Multiple fields should be separated with a comma (,).,dimension,date
string optional

Sort results by a specified field. Multiple fields should be separated with a comma (,). Indicate direction using [field].desc or [field].asc
string optional

Limit to results created after the specified date. Format: YYYY-MM-DD
string optional

Limit to results created before the specified date. Format: YYYY-MM-DD
string optional

Filter results by fields using comparison operators (=, >, >=, <, <=). Multiple fields should be separated with an ampersand (&).
string optional

Set the format of the returned data. Options include json and csv. Defaults to json.

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